Imagine finally finding a gym to call home. Imagine a workout that was both challenging and fun! Imagine a community of friends committed to getting in shape. Imagine coaches that challenge you without feeling overwhelmed or belittled. Imagine if you had ZERO excuses to pursuing your fitness goals! We are committed to removing all the barriers that keep people out of the gym - because having a healthy, strong body will improve your life in ways you never imagined.

Our convenient schedule of coach led group classes, open gym hours, positive coaching, and supportive community, your fitness goals will be achievable! Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or a novice, our scalable and diversified workouts will challenge you! Believe it or not, you may find that you finally enjoy and actually look forward to working towards your fitness goals!

At CrossFit Foxden you will find yourself surrounded by others that are on the same path that you are on! Our Fit Fam that sweats with us daily come from every walk of life of varying age, shape, size, and ability. It is time to finally commit to your fitness goals, join our community, and experience CrossFit at the Fox Den!

Commitment. Community. CrossFit
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